Activities at Parilok

Various activities are part of Parilok which happens throughout the year.

♦  Colour day

To introduce the children to the world of colours, we conceptualized having a colour day once in a month.  The primary colours red, blue, green, along with the secondary colours such as orange , green  and purple are introduced in a different way.  The children are told to wear the dress of that particular colour and also asked to bring an object of that colour. It could be a fruit or a vegetable, flower or any toy of that specific colour .  This way, they are able to identify the colours in a very easy and efficient manner.

♦  Market day

Market day is another important agenda in our school calendar.  Each child will be assigned to bring a particular vegetable, fruit or a flower.  The children will get a first-hand experience of buying and selling various fruits and vegetables themselves.  The concept of various fruits and vegetables and their colours can be strongly inscribed in their minds.  The school premises adorns the look of a vegetable market.

♦  Indian Festivals

All major festivals , Indian cultural festivals are celebrated duly in the campus, be it Varamahalakshmi or Ganesh Chathurthi , Ramzan, Dusshera, Diwali and the like. Festivals inculcate the spirit of oneness amongst the children, who belong to diverse backgrounds. Come December, it is time for fun,frolic and yummy cakes and gifts.  Kids are on their best behavior to get into the good books of the Santa Claus. Christmas is celebrated with much fanfare to the amusement of one and all.

♦  Excursions

Today, very young children are increasingly pressurized to perform academically, while they get much less time for outdoor play.  Children spend more time in front of T.V s and computers and eat an ever worsening diet.  Well designed and well planned outdoor activity has a positive impact on the child’s development including health and self-esteem. Outdoor trips are organized for the children. On two Occasions, Parilok organized a half day tour to the “Prayag Discovery Village” on the outskirts of Bangalore.  We also earnestly plan to have an outing to the Bannerghatta National Park.

♦  Cultural Fests

Besides, we organize fancy dress competition and Talentia, where, parents are invited to the school to see their tiny tots decked up for the occasion.

♦  Sports day

Sports day is another regular feature in our academic calendar. The children are given sufficient practice before the games.

♦  Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meeting holds the key to the successful running of the institution. Parental participation in the learning process is very essential.  The intention of the parent teacher meet is to keep parents, abreast of all the happenings @ Parilok and how they could complement our efforts to work in unison.

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